The Underlying Reasons Why Jewelries Are Necessity and not Luxury




A lot of people think of Jewelries as an investment. It may probably fit the best as an emotional investment, considering that most jewelries women receive either signify special occasions or given by loved ones. It is mostly used in a women’s life to preserve the memory of the special event in our life like engagement or wedding. I doubt it can be classified as a stock, a bond, a savings or a financial investment at that. The value of every piece is more that its monetary value.


It can be said that Jewelries are used to denote the social status and power of a person. However in my point of view, it really depends on different things. Jewelry does not always show status in life. It is important to note that the significance of buying the jewelry will depend on the following:


When did the person bought the jewelry? Usually of course jewelries are used to signify a special event. It is usually used to commemorate special events of life cycle such as mentioned above, engagement and weddings. Wedding anniversaries such as the 25th, 50th and 75th can also give a huge bearing to the jewelry.

Where did the person bought the jewelry? The jewelry might have been bought as a result of an impulse buying. The person might have chanced upon a really great find at the mall while window shopping. There might be a piece of jewelry that catches the eye of the buyer while strolling around the mall.


How did the person bought the jewelry? The buyer of the jewelry might have been offered a great credit terms if he or she buys a certain jewelry at a certain period of time. This is what is called a Promo which is done by almost companies these days, which are really well received most of the time by the consumers. Because at the end of the day, most people love a little discount on their items.


As you can see, the jewelry used as a way to denote social status and power does not always the apply. These scenarios and situations, does not always denote status in life of the person. Buying a jewelry does not always mean luxury, it can mean a lot of things to different people.

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