The World is a Beautiful Place

814198The first post! I was just strolling on the internet when I happen to stumble upon one article by thoughtcatalog. It is about how the world is still a beautiful place.

The article lists down 40 reasons why the world is still a wonderful place to be. I can say that it is great that despite all the negativity the world is having, it is nice to see people still bring out positivism in life and still try to enjoy it.


Prior to reading the post, I do think that the world is not as good as it seems. Currently the world is a place where half of its population has no access to basic human needs and rights like water, foods, homes and clothing and of course the basic human rights. Billions of people are starving and suffering because of the inequality in this world which are caused by whoever. The thing is, there is definitely an adequate supply of food however people tend to be greedy and eat more than what they need. Hello Obesity!

Currently, in my opinion, the world is a place where we feel the need to create and elaborate stories at the back of our mind to make us feel good about other people’s suffering. Whose responsibility is it? Is it the government? Just the government? Is it not yours as well? What’s your excuse?

It is depressing how other people seem to waste food and how other people can’t even have a decent meal. The world would be so much better if everyone will live in a way that is best for everyone, and just a portion of the crowd.

I feel like the post of the thought catalog is an excuse we make in order to not be conscious about how the world is not fair and how other people suffer. In the end, in my opinion, the world is a scary world and you need to fight in order to survive

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